St. Amelia Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Upcoming Events

Anyone who recently graduated from high school through age 30 is invited to join us on the second Sunday of each month (hence the name "Second Sabbath!) 

October: Hike at Bond Lake Park, meet us in the church lot by 2:00, or at the park by 2:15.  We will find a coffee shop after.  Your friends are welcome!

Past Events


Orienteering on Goat Island in October 2015.



Back to the Eternal Flame July 2015.


Ice Skating Canalside in FREEZING February 2015.


Games after our Epiphany prayer service and lunch, January 2015.


Thanksgiving dinner that we prepared!


Reciting a play that JPII wrote, The Jeweler's Shop, November 2014.



Rock City in Olean, then a prayer service at St. Bonaventure, September 2014.


The Rosary procession at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine (August 2014).


We hiked to the Eternal Flame in Chestnut Ridge Park in July 2014.


We did the tour of Our Lady of Victory Basilica with Fr. Baker (Dave) in June 2014.